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I am having much trouble posting this entry. Perhaps it is my poor HTML skills; perhaps it is my tipsy-ness. Anyhoo, I shall try again:

I have just read avrilincandenza's post and I am wondering who all is attending this alumni party. I know that Emma is trying to make an appearance and that is absolutely good enough for me! Anyway, I have just spoken to the alumni of the house himself, and he doesn't seem AT ALL interested in attending. We would have to 1) find someone willing to babysit rugrat for the night, 2) make yet ANOTHER trip to the 'Ham. and 3) shell out $20 (for us both to get in) plus drinks (absolutely absurd) and gas money for the fuel-guzzling Doo-Doo Rocket. Despite my social anxiety regarding the old "concrete wonder," I am actually rather intrigued to meet up with all ye livejournal ASFAites in person again. You will have to work on sleazyd13 yourselves though. He's the boss.

I will also mention this blessed event to Brad J. (c/o '99), Jeremy C. (c/o '99), and Carter D. (c/o '00) because they are the only ASFA folk outside of LJ that I talk to on a regular basis.
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