funkt1fied (funkt1fied) wrote in asfaalumni,

Nati "luv"

we'll see how this works. as it is, i am a computer MORON. all of that Fine Bairnsfather and Hardy (I shiver at the name- nice man- but I have nightmares about him being in close proximity to me and....having....nasty Hardy sweat.....drip.....i cant talk about it!!!) didn't do all that much good afterall... and they spent 2000 bucks for me to go to a graphics convention! Ha! that was a waste of money!

At any rate...I think I am among the other "slow bloomers" of ASFA christmas past.....................
I should not be, but I am, still in school. And I dont even know what i want to be "when i grow up". which might take awhile at the rate i've been going...
Peace out, My hommies....
Jennifer c/o 2000
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