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Next Time the Ice Machine, Right?

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This community is for graduates of the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, Alabama. Reminisce, complain about the new ASFA kids, or just rehash old stories of dumb shit you did during your tenure at the great concrete wonder. i bet it still leaks like a madman.
abernathy eurotrips, abernathy's red pen, ap english, couch surfing, creative writing, dan mccurdy, dance, dorms, dr. froning, elephant toothpaste, greyhound bus station, heather kemp's broken arm, james nelson, jeans glory, jesse bates, kelvin's jheri curl, lance snack machine, lee grant wilson, linn park, lloyd 'balls' balfour, mathematics and science, miss lillian, mistah kurtz, moldy bagels, mr. shedd, ms miller's goo tube, music, music room makeouts, nasty old burger king, nuff said, pink elephant, pizza soup, practice rooms, randy marsh, semi formal, student ids, tearing down the fence, the couch controversy, the old building, theatre, visual arts