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random thoughts to keep the community alive.

i wonder what all i need to accomplish in order to get a big fucking picture up of me up on the wall in the lobby. something tells me im nowhere near close. in fact, i wonder if anyone from the infamous class of 1998 will ever be not-fucked-up enough to grace those cold concrete blocks.

also, i can't wait until the next alumni reunion/party/soiree type thing so i can show up with my big lovable smelly ape of a boyfriend and field endless questions as to why i'm not there with scott. we'll pretend to be married just to grease those rusting gossip wheels.

i can't tell if i'm sarcastic or bitchy tonight. probably a bit of both.

in the spirit of keeping all alive here, i'll pose a subject for discussion:
'best/worst item on the asfa lunch menu'

note: i call dibs on the weird international rice with raisins. FOUL.
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The triangular pizzas were quite yummy. Though the rectangular ones weren't half as good.

The only worst I can think of right off the top of my head was back when they were taking suggestions for dinner.. And someone suggested cornbeef and cabbage as a joke.. And they actually made it.. No one was happy that night in the dorms..
oooh! i think i remember when that happened. it was a ramen night for me.....
worst: cold cut day.
i got soup then.

Deleted comment

the bottom layer of the pizza soup wasnt so bad. The middle layer contained all of the tasty pepporoni. The top layer- well,we all saw the top layer....and that huge pot of soup was never any less full than an inch or two from the top. and people say we didnt learn anything.